About the Author

MJ Mouton grew up in the small town of Iowa, Louisiana.

After school, he went to work in the environmental field and developed a love for the science that was present in his job.

There were so many amazing things about the Earth that he had not realized, or was not inspired to know as a student in school.

Realizing these things, he became passionate, not only about Geology, Biology, and the physical nature of things, but also sharing what he had learned.

As the father of two girls and a lover of all things scientific, MJ decided to write short stories to teach his daughters science basics, and hopefully give them the inspiration that he missed out on that young in life.

He created over 40 stories that highlight scientists and the world-changing discoveries that they made.

MJ shares his time between the area he grew up and Chicago, Il.

Real-life Scientists Who Changed Our World